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StrongFirst Kettlebell 101: Simple & Sinister

More sessions to be added soon!

The list of physical attributes that kettlebell training positively affects is long. Kettlebell training builds:

  1. A strong back, resilient shoulders, and total-body strength, power, and flexibility;
  2. Tremendous aerobic capacity that carries over to numerous daily and athletic endeavors;
  3. An unbreakable grip, bulletproof abs, and strong glutes (all quite useful for overall health and longevity), and;
  4. Strong and lean physiques that are just as much "go" as they are "show".

But they can also cause you a world of hurt if you use them with poor technique.

In this four-hour course, you'll learn and have ample opportunity to practice safe and effective technique for some of the most useful kettlebell exercises. You'll also leave with a plan that will enable you to hit the ground running toward your goals as soon as the next day.

We offer fitness and nutrition coaching for all experience levels

Group Fitness for Any Goal

Develop greater strength, conditioning, mobility, and performance.

Nutrition coaching

Build a healthy relationship with food by learning & practicing simple skills. No dieting involved!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn the "gentle art" of self defense.

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Derek Steinmetz
Derek Steinmetz
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This gym is awesome. I’ve been coming here for nearly 2 years and my strength has nearly doubled. Good programming for group classes and a great community.
Meg Gogin
Meg Gogin
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As a Physical Therapist, I’m particular about personal training. TNT has the most well versed fitness professionals in the business. Ryan has taught me innumerable lessons, and I’m so grateful. If you are looking for intelligent, well rounded, results driven training, look no further.
KG Gasparick
KG Gasparick
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The training is the highest quality, the staff is highly qualified, and the results are astounding. Best of all, the people are amazing. You’ll feel right at home! The facilities are awesome! As a fitness professional, I’d recommend TNT Performance to anyone!
Nick Pitterle
Nick Pitterle
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Fun and friendly atmosphere

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Brookfield, WI 53005

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