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There are currently three ways that you can get started training with us. You can read more about each option below and make your purchase online. (The buttons will open a new tab to our membership management system.)

Contact us if you have any questions or issues, and we’ll help you through the process!

Essentials + Unlimited classes for 3 months

This option is the best way to be introduced to our gym and training system!

Before attending a class on our regular schedule, you’ll start with an Essentials class. In that class, you’ll learn and practice safe & effective technique for a few of the main exercises we use during our ongoing classes. We’ll also answer any other questions you have about the gym, classes, memberships, achieving fitness goals, etc.

There are three types of Essentials classes to choose from depending on your interests: kettlebell, barbell, & jiu jitsu. Kettlebell Essentials and Barbell Essentials are typically held every other Wednesday evening. Jiu Jitsu Essentials is typically held every other Saturday. Check the schedule for more information.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend Kettlebell Essentials. However, your membership includes access to all of the Essentials classes, so we encourage you to attend more than one. After all, you never know when you might discover a new activity you end up loving!

After attending Essentials, you’ll have unlimited class access for three months to all classes of that type (plus yoga). And, yes, we really mean “unlimited class access”. If it’s on the schedule, you can show up (after you’ve attended Essentials, of course)!

If you’d like to try out all of our classes, make sure to attend all types of Essentials!

Purchase Essentials + 3 Months of Unlimited Classes

($107/month for three months)

Essentials + One month of 10 classes

If you have limited availability or aren’t sure you want to commit for three months, this is your best option to get started. It’s similar to the option above except you may attend a total of ten regular classes over the course of a month. (You may still attend all three types of Essentials classes over the course of your trial membership.)

Purchase Essentials + 1 Month of 10 Classes

($87 one-time)

3 Private Sessions + Unlimited classes for 3 months

If you’re intimidated by the idea of learning kettlebell, barbell, or jiu jitsu technique in a group setting or simply want a bit more personally-focused attention, this is your best option!

This option is also similar to the first option above, except your first “Essentials class” is a private training session (just you and a coach). You may use the second two private training sessions at any point over the course of the three-month membership for whatever you’d like!

Want to learn a different modality (kettlebells, barbells, jiu jitsu)? Great! We can do that.

Want to refine your current skills? That’ll work too!

Need some help with your nutrition or sleep? We’ve got you covered!

Either way, you’ll have unlimited access to regular classes for three months after attending your initial private training session.

Purchase 3 Private Sessions + 3 Months of Unlimited Classes

($257 the first month, $107/month for the subsequent two months)

* These are introductory options and may only be purchased by individuals new to TNT.