Fitness & nutrition coaching services provided both on-site and off

Group training

Options: In-person & virtual (at least one kettlebell recommended for virtual participation)

Train in a group with a TNT coach. You’ll use kettlebell, body weight, and (occasionally and optionally) barbell exercises to get stronger, improve conditioning & mobility, and simply move better.

We’re always able to offer modifications for different experience levels, goals, and equipment availability (if training virtually).

Numerous individuals training during a group kettlebell class at TNT Performance
A coach spots a woman performing a Turkish get-up with a kettlebell during a private training session at TNT Performance

Private training

Options: In-person & virtual (virtual training tailored to your available equipment)

Train one-on-one with a TNT coach. You’ll use a variety of equipment based on your interests and what’s best suited to achieve your specific goals.

Sessions may optionally be added to group training memberships.

Brazilian jiu jitsu

Options: In-person only

The “gentle art”—because punching and kicking is not allowed—involves learning to control and submit an opponent by creating or removing leverage and applying joint locks & choke holds. You’ll also learn to defend yourself against such attacks.

Classes are instructed by coach Ryan, a brown belt under former UFC competitor & 3rd degree black belt Eric “Red” Schafer.

A coach explains a Brazilian jiu jitsu technique to two students at TNT Performance
A coach teaches the Turkish get-up to students attending a StrongFirst workshop at TNT Performance

StrongFirst workshops

Options: At TNT or your facility (minimum requirements apply)

Learn the finer details of kettlebell, barbell, or bodyweight exercises in 4-hour workshops taught by our StrongFirst-approved coaches.

For more details, visit the StrongFirst website. Then check our schedule for upcoming workshops at TNT or contact us about planning a workshop at your facility.

A plate of chickpea tomato salad with seared salmon, an example of a recipe that might be recommended during the TNT Performance nutrition coaching program
A woman relaxes in an infrared sauna at TNT Performance