Kettlebell 101: Simple & Sinister

What: This StrongFirst-licensed course is like walking into the pages of Pavel Tsatsouline’s ground-breaking book Kettlebell Simple & Sinister. You will learn:

  • The kettlebell exercises that deliver great gains while having the quickest learning curve
    • Swing — build a back of steel, sprinter’s glutes, fighter’s conditioning, and a blue-collar grip
    • Get-up — forge resilient shoulders and bullet-proof abs
    • Goblet Squat — develop a killer blend of strength and flexibility
  • Kettlebell safety and other boring stuff that pros swear by and amateurs ignore at their own risk
  • Insider strategies for long term sustainable training to reach your goals
  • “Alt-S&S” programming — totally in line with the book, yet with unique wrinkles

The day after the workshop you will be able to hit the ground running towards your goals.


  • Saturday, December 16, 2023 from 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Saturday, January 6, 2024 from 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Who: Beginners to advanced will take something away from this course. Register here.

Big Adventures Series

What: One-hour presentations by TNT members or coaches who set and achieved big goals. Learn about their motivations, training, and challenges. You’ll be inspired to dream big and set your sights on goals that are important to you!

When: Three presentations are currently planned:

Saturday, March 18 @ noon: Hiking the Appalachian Trail (Lizzie Spankowski)

Saturday, April 15 @ noon: World’s Greatest Kettlebell Snatch (KG Gasparick)

TBD: Summitting Aconcagua (Derek Toshner)

Who: Everyone is welcome. There is no cost for attending these presentations, but we do ask that you register to attend.

TNT Hiking Club

What: A group of TNT members, coaches, and friends meet up to hike various trails in the area. We typically hike segments of the Ice Age Trail (IAT)—most often at Lapham Peak in Delafield—and occasionally other park loops.

Distances vary between 7 and 21 miles. But don’t let that high-end distance scare you off. We’ll often do 2-3 rounds of the same loop or out-and-backs of the IAT. So there’s always a “shortcut” home! 🙂

Trekking poles recommended any time; MICROspikes when there’s snow on the ground!

When: Most Saturdays from noon(ish) until we’re done. If you’re not a TNT member, contact us to find out specific details for the upcoming week. If you are a TNT member, just ask a coach for details after class.

Who: Everyone is welcome to join us!

BodPod Body Composition Measurement

What: The BodPod is a “giant egg with a window” that accurately measures body composition via air displacement.

After completing the three 30-second measurements, you’ll have a consultation with a TNT coach to review your results and discuss recommended actions—based on your specific results—to progress toward your goals. You’ll also receive a printed copy of those suggestions and your measurements.

Registration information will be posted here a couple weeks prior to each measurement date. Please review the guideline & pricing information prior to attending your appointment.

When: BodPod will be scheduled soon…

Who: You do not need to be a TNT member to be tested!