Group training

Group Training

Group training has always been the cornerstone service offered at TNT, but the format is different than any other fitness classes you’ve probably attended. Perhaps a better description is “group coaching”…

Our classes are
  • Led by a coach who will suggest appropriate weight selections, technique adjustments, and exercise modifications (as needed)
  • Designed to improve the way you move while increasing your strength, conditioning, and flexibility systematically using proven strategies; strength is emphasized
  • Adjustable for any experience level while still being challenging and fun
Our classes are not
  • Random exercises thrown together for the sake of variety
  • Pure cardio sessions disguised and promoted as strength-training simply because weights are used
  • One-size fits all; rather, you’ll have a couple options to choose from each day depending on your experience level and goals

After you’ve gone through the process to get started, all group training membership options provide access to both Functional Fitness classes and our Barbell Club.

Functional Fitness Classes

These classes are for you if your goal is to develop and maintain a well-rounded level of fitness. You can expect to get stronger and improve your mobility & endurance with regular attendance, as well as lose weight or build muscle (along with appropriate nutritional adjustments) and simply make everyday life easier.

Kettlebells are the tools we most commonly use during these classes, but you can also expect to do some calisthenics (body weight exercises), drag sleds, row or ski on the Concept2 machines, and more. Particularly regarding calisthenics, you’ll always have the option to do an easier or harder version of the movement depending on your current capabilities.

Barbell Club

Marie setting a deadlift PROur barbell club is for individuals who are interested in the pursuit of pure strength development. But don’t make the mistakes of thinking either that this training style will make you bulky — our goal is actually to make you stronger without making you bigger, although we can make the necessary adjustments if you do want to add mass — or that the club is only for men… many of our female members love lifting heavy weight and becoming #TNTStrong!

Beginners will learn the military press and main powerlifts — squat, bench press, and deadlift — and will advance through a basic program to develop lifting proficiency and a broad strength foundation. Intermediate & advanced lifters will follow programs designed specifically for them. Those programs will include specialized variety lifts (e.g. Zercher squats, pause reps, board presses) as appropriate.