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TNT kettlebells

Warehouse gym PLUS

TNT may appear to be your typical warehouse-style gym from the outside, but we offer some amenities that are rather uncommon for such a facility including private changing rooms and showers in both men’s and women’s restrooms. And while training with the bay doors open in spring and fall is rather awesome, you’ll be glad that we have air conditioning on those hot & humid summer days! (And, yes, there’s heat in the winter too.)

TNT main gym area

Main gym area

The main gym area is where most group training takes place. In this room you’ll find lots… and lots… and lots of kettlebells, a few barbells, Schwinn AirDynes, Concept2 Rowers & Skiergs, Olympic rings, pull-up bars, sleds, and more!

TNT powerlifting room

Powerlifting room

Besides four squat/bench press racks with regular & thick pull-up bars, Rogue Ohio power & deadlift bars, a couple deadlift platforms, and a lot of metal plates, we also have a 12 x 40-foot section of turf, a couple climbing ropes… and more kettlebells (because they’re great for assistance work)!

TNT sauna room

Office & Sauna

An often-overlooked or de-emphasized aspect of training is recovery. Fortunately we have you covered here too! In the office area you’ll find an inversion table, a couple infrared saunas, and, Ann, our resident massage therapist.