Real People, Changed Lives


“I’ve never been the athletic type or into fitness… I didn’t play sports growing up, and I had never stuck with a workout program for more than two weeks. In fact, when a friend from work encouraged me to try some kettlebell classes at TNT, I remember warning the trainers that I wouldn’t last much more than two weeks. However, the classes proved to be quick, fun and effective, and I ended up loving the classes and trainers. Now, it’s almost three years later and at 39 weeks pregnant I still can’t stay away from TNT or stop talking about how great the classes are to anyone who is willing to listen. I honestly cannot express how much this gym means to me!”

“Before I started at TNT Performance five years ago, I weighed the most I had in my life at 215 lbs (5’10” tall). I had decided to adjust my diet and began running. I lost 20 lbs in about six months but stalled and could not lose any more weight. My lower back hurt daily, and running was starting to take a toll on my knees. I needed another option, but heavy weightlifting and spending hours in the gym was not viable with my work/life schedule.

Then a co-worker convinced me to give kettlebell training a try. I was apprehensive but knew I needed a change. The first few workouts were painful (in a good way) and eye opening. While I started to tone up and get stronger, the coaches were very helpful in tracking my nutrition and making small changes over a several month period. The training combined with a new healthy eating lifestyle changed my life forever.

When I began at TNT, I weighed 195 lbs and had 26% body fat. Today I weigh 178 lbs with a body fat ranging from 15%-17%. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life and, at 50 years of age, weigh what I did in high school.

All of this does require work. The instructors have taught me there is nothing for free… ‘You cannot out swing a donut,’ resonates in the gym. But it isn’t as much work as you would think. I train three days per week for an average of 40 minutes for each workout. As a guy with chronic back and knee problems, I find kettlebell training to be very safe and less toll on my body than traditional weight training methods. I recommend kettlebell training at TNT to anyone who wants a fun and energetic workout in a supportive environment.”

“I attended my first kettlebell class at TNT in 2011 looking for something ‘different’ and was instantly hooked. I have always considered myself to be a relatively fit person, but had gotten bored with my usual routine and classes at the gym. Before I began consistently taking classes at TNT, I definitely lacked upper body strength and couldn’t do a push-up to save my life! TNT changed all of that. Workouts are designed to be challenging and effective, yet simple enough that anyone can do them once they learn the basic movements. And did I mention quick? Forty-five minutes and you’ve done your strength and cardio for the day. And all of the instructors are knowledgeable and genuinely care about your progress and goals.

The strength I have gained through classes at TNT has also had a positive impact on other activities I enjoy, such as yoga and cycling. One of my favorite things about TNT is the camaraderie among all of the people who take classes there – people of all ages and fitness levels sweating it out together and having fun while doing it!”

“On a bright, sunny day my 5 year old daughter asked ‘Why can’t moms do the monkey bars?’ Those seven words put in motion the right motivation to be a better role model. My answer to my daughter: moms can do the monkey bars.

So I spent a lot of time at the weight room lifting machines. I ran outside. I went to a personal trainer. I did a lot of circuit training and boot camps. No pain, no gain. After two years, I was stronger, thinner, and managed a lap on the monkey bars, but my knees were worn out and I had shoulder injuries from overuse. As a result, I hurt too much to be the better ‘Mom Role Model’ that I wanted to be. (That was before TNT…)

I began training at TNT Performance in March 2013.

Honest initial thoughts: People walking around and swinging kettlebells… does not look intense like a cool boot camp! I asked myself how that would that be effective. Where is the intensity? Why don’t people yell at you to go harder, farther, and to do just one more rep?

What I have since learned:

Gym: The atmosphere is welcoming and encouraging. The gym culture is focused on individual strength/capabilities and mobility, yet you have fun energy surrounding you. Each class has a purpose and allows you to build your skills at the right pace.

Philosophy: Have a performance goal in mind and train – don’t just ‘get in shape.’ The idea of coming to the gym to experience ‘no pain, no gain’ and to walk out of the gym feeling like an old lady because you never quit is silly. It is so much more fulfilling to have a purpose and then to reach goals you never would have thought you can do. If you are short of coming up with goals on your own, the coaches are there to inspire. And the goals don’t only have to focus on what is done at the gym, but anything that helps you move and enjoy other activities.

Nutrition: What you fuel your body with matters. The TNT Ten Commandments can refocus even the folks that think they eat healthy. I have lost weight and gained muscle because I have made small changes here and there. When I don’t feel right, the coaches will ask, ‘What are you eating?’ The advice I have followed has led to better results. The available Advocare products have also helped sustain energy and improve recovery times.

Performance is proof: As many women are, we lack upper body strength. I have a long history of being successful as an ‘athlete’, but never did I consider myself strong. I came to TNT with a 15-lb max press. Today I can press 18 kg (39.7 lbs). Gym PRs are nice, but what matters most for me…? I can play tag (and I am fast!), confidently do the monkey bars with my kids, lift my bike over logs (or my head when showing off) easily when mountain biking, refill the propane tank without my hubby’s help, keep up with friends while biking (even though I don’t have the time to ride daily), stand taller, be stronger, and continue to be a healthy role model for my children.

The biggest lesson I have learned at TNT is patience. We are here to build the body, not break it down.”