Private training

Private Training

One-on-One Coaching

While the majority of training done at TNT has always been performed in groups, we also offer private training. A few of our members do exclusively train privately, but most individuals who make use of private training have a combination membership. They attend classes for the bulk of their training and schedule one or two weekly private sessions to focus on a specific aspect of their fitness goals.

As a TNT private training member, you can expect to be coached. We won’t count reps or otherwise babysit you through a workout. Instead, our goal is to actively guide you through the process needed to reach yours. Most sessions will involve doing mobility drills or corrective exercises, learning new skills, practicing & improving old ones, and generally moving and lifting. But when the need arises, we won’t hesitate to spend part of or an entire session discussing your “outside of the gym” habits and jointly developing a plan to break the bad ones and create better ones. Whether we spend the session moving or discussing, you’ll often leave with homework to work on until the next session.

Functional Movement Screen

Our members expect and trust that our training programs are designed to move them towards their goals while minimizing the risk of injury. While there is never a guarantee of injury prevention during physical exertion, the likelihood can be reduced by meeting a certain quality-of-movement standard prior to loading any movement (i.e. doing an exercise with added weight). The movement standard that we use — and the method of measuring your movement against that standard — is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

During your introductory session, we’ll evaluate your movement over the course of our basic warm-up sequence based on the FMS. If we see potential areas of improvement — or if you’ve previously experienced any significant injuries — we’ll recommend a full-fledged movement screen. The screen will tell us what basic drills you should perform for a few minutes before each subsequent training session in order to move better or, in extreme cases, if there is a particular movement or exercise that you probably shouldn’t perform right away. And don’t worry if you happen to fall into that latter category… we have the experience to offer plenty of alternative movements to help you progress to the point of performing the original exercise with minimal risk of injury!

If you’ve had a previous injury, know that your left & right sides have major differences in strength or mobility, or are simply interested to learn how well you move, you can also schedule a Functional Movement Screen right away.