Nutrition coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Take control of your nutrition and get the body you’ve always wanted without having to endure fad diets, count calories, or exercise excessively.

With a full year of guidance from our Precision Nutrition-certified coaches, you’ll experience life-changing shifts in your relationship with food and exercise.

This is not the “Lose 21 lbs in 7 days!” or “Get shredded in time for summer!” programs that only work in the short-run because they don’t actually teach you how to maintain good habits when life gets busy. Rather, it’s a thoughtful program that will help you to slowly change your awareness of and attitude towards food. Throughout the duration of the program, you can expect to develop habits that will help you to achieve results that last… for a lifetime!

Take a look at what we mean…

Here’s what just a few of our current & past coaching members have to say…

The TNT/Precision Nutrition coaching program has been a game changer in my quest to lose over 100 lbs. While I’ve worked with Ryan and used kettlebells for a number of years, my nutrition was something I just couldn’t get a handle on.

I’m a single parent of three children, own multiple businesses which require regular travel, and have numerous hobbies. Whenever life got hectic — and even sometimes when it wasn’t — I always fell back into the all-or-nothing approach with my diet. I’d eat well most of the time, but any time that I messed up and ate less than perfect, I’d just say ‘screw it’ and eat whatever I wanted for the rest of the day. That one day of eating whatever I wanted would often turn into the rest of the week and weekend, and that week would sometimes turn into multiple weeks. When I’d finally get back on track, I’d wonder why I had been able to develop such successful business habits but yet completely fail at transferring those skills over into my nutrition habits.

Since fully committing to this coaching process, however, I’ve slowly started to change my perception of food and my daily nutrition habits. Instead of saying ‘screw it’ whenever I eat less than perfectly, I recognize that it’s water under the bridge and simply work on being better at the next meal. In fact, I’m beginning to truly understand that there’s no such thing as eating perfectly, and that even if there was, I could still enjoy food and reach all my weight loss goals.

To date, I’ve lost a little over 100 lbs. This program has helped contribute to the last 30 lbs or so, and I’m sure it’s going to make the last 20 lbs significantly easier to lose. If you’re like me and have struggled in your relationship with food for a large portion of your adult life, commit to this coaching process. Your nutrition habits and life will be better for having done so.”

~ Tony D. (Oconomowoc)


“My wellness journey with TNT only got better when I started the nutrition coaching program with Ryan. I have tried other ‘diets’ and failed. I had no idea of what this program was all about, but Ryan thought it was a good fit for me so I jumped right in.

By the way, I dislike the word ‘diet’. It is a short term fix that really does nothing for me but makes me feel like I am being punished. This coaching program has been a much more positive and eye-opening experience for me. It is NOT a ‘diet’. Instead, it is a lifestyle; a better way to look at food and the choices I make. It is NOT a restrictive ‘you can only have this and not that’ program.

So, what makes it different? For me, it is the learning of new habits and seeing the positive and helpful ways to incorporate these habits into my busy schedule. I have had some ‘ah ha’ moments that were incredible, plus the mindfulness I have gained is awesome! Right now I am working on my sleep habit (LOVE it!). Since starting the program, I have lost 20 lbs AND I have gained so many new habits that are very easy to understand and follow that I know I will have continued success. I cannot say enough about Ryan and my coaching experience!”

~ Karen W. (Greenfield)


“Over the past 4 months I have participated in the TNT/Precision Nutrition program. This is the first program that I have continued for this long and still enjoy doing. Prior to signing up for the program I had my doubts… I did some in-depth internet searches and was mildly impressed. I figured there were worse things to pay for. But I knew if Ryan and TNT were recommending it, it was quality. As the lessons progressed I thought ‘OK this is nice, but really I am not sure if it’s for me’. But when I ran into a cycling friend who I hadn’t seen during the off-season and she immediately asked what I was doing, I knew it was working. As the compliments grew and as I learned that more and more friends in the healthcare field whose expertise I respect praised the program, I knew I had made a smart move.

This program is not a ‘lose weight in 30 days’ or ‘cut out beans’ or weird workouts that are so confusing you have to hire a very expensive personal trainer. This is changing your habits in a planned and measured way. It is building a new relationship with your expectations of yourself and reality.  

As the months have progressed, the improvements in weight, body composition, and sport performance have been great. My husband has even had improvements and he isn’t doing the program. Our family eating habits have improved, which is pretty amazing.”

~ Mandy R. (Milwaukee)

What to expect from the program…

You’ll start the program by completing a nutritional background form (your basic info, food preferences & allergies, etc). After completing the form, we’ll send you a personalized quick-start guide, and your official program will automatically start the following Monday.

Over the course of the next 12 months, you’ll receive:

  • Short, daily lessons to review (they can be read or listened to via the web or your smartphone),
  • A new habit to practice every two weeks,
  • Access to our private Facebook coaching group,
  • Direct access to (and check-ins from) your Precision Nutrition-certified TNT coach via the ProCoach software,
  • Recipes, and more!

After the program completes, you’ll continue to have access to the Facebook group and all of your lessons!

What’s the cost & how do I get started?

The general public price (for non-members of the gym) is $90/month for 12 months. The following discounts are available:

  • 30% off for non-members who refer & start with a friend (discount also extended to the friend)
  • 50% off for current TNT members

To get started simply send us a message, and someone will get back to you. You can also send us a message if you have additional questions prior to getting started.