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Maximum results, minimum time!

Welcome to TNT Performance!  We are southeastern Wisconsin's leaders in safe and effective kettlebell training.

Our group classes are treated like semi-personal training sessions, and our clients love the personal attention, challenge, camaraderie, and -- most importantly -- the results!

We know that your busy schedule is filled with work, family, and fun... and we want to make sure you have the time, energy, and physical capabilities to spend on those things that are important to you.  So we focus on the most efficient and fun ways to improve your ability to move well; increase your strength, conditioning, and flexibility; and look better naked.

So whether you're just starting an exercise routine, are a seasoned athlete, or are simply tired of the minimal results you're getting from your regular gym, we have the answers to your fitness needs.

Find out today how to get started, and prepare to be transformed!